About beekeeping


Lammun Lumo produces high quality organic honey and other beeproducts. By our activities we promote a ecological way of life and nature conservation. Our bees are collecting nectar from many wild flowers of the forests and meadows. The main honey flow comes from wild raspberry and fireweed. The surrounding meadows are grazed by mother cows and their offspring and contribute to the landscape conservation by grazing. No artificial fertilizers are applied to our fields.

About the bees

We keep bees of the Italian race  Apis mellifera ligustica. These bees give a good honey yield and is the most importan bee race in Finland at the moment.


According to the seasons of the year, bees are living in colonies up to ten thousands of individuals, varying from 10 000-80 000. In every bee colony there is one bee queen, which is laying eggs. From unfertilized eggs grow the male drones and from fertilized eggs the female worker bees. The workers manage all tasks inside and outside the beehive, e.g. collecting nectar, water and pollen or tidying up the honeycombs or nourishing the larvae.

During their fieldwork the bees contribute to pollination of wild flowers and cultivated plants. This pollination service is essential for our ecosystem. Therefore Lammun Lumo offers a pollination service for organic farmers in the surrounding areas.